Example I:
Model building and equilibration of a 98 lipid Dodecyl-b-D-maltopyranoside (DDM) micelle

Input mask:

Results page:

The file results.tar.gz contains:
PDB file of the initial micelle model:micelle_EMB_98_4.0_NaCl_0.15_init.pdb
PDB file of the solvated system:micelle_EMB_98_4.0_NaCl_0.15_solv_ions.pdb
Topology file of the solvated system:micelle_EMB_98_4.0_NaCl_0.15_solv_ions.prmtop
Input coordinates of the solvated system:micelle_EMB_98_4.0_NaCl_0.15_solv_ions.inpcrd.gz
PDB file of the equilibrated system:micelle_EMB_98_4.0_NaCl_0.15_solv_ions_final.pdb
Coordinate file of the equilibrated system:equil17_micelle_EMB_98_4.0_NaCl_0.15.restrt.mdcrd.gz
Restart file of the equilibrated system:equil17_micelle_EMB_98_4.0_NaCl_0.15.restrt

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